D.W. Field Park

The Vision From A Shoemaker Became Reality in the 1920s

D.W. Field Park is the Crown Jewel of Brockton, Massachusetts. Opened in the 1920s, it was the vision of a visionary, one of your everyday run of the mill shoemakers Daniel Waldo Field. Designed By Frederick Law Olmstead, the park was graced by the existence of 7 manmade waterfalls as part of the dams that impounded the water to form the 7 ponds.

This park is an important landmark of my own childhood too. I would go there with a camera and photograph the waterfalls. I also would feed the ducks and geese.

Nowadays, I take walks there with my girlfriend and enjoy the scenery. And yes, we bring our DSLR cameras with us.

Other Than The Waterfalls, Check Out The Beautiful Scenery!